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Managing a commercial project is more than just a project manager, it’s a team effort, particularly where large and complex projects are concerned. But planning and managing a commercial project is impossible to perform without special project management and planning software. If you have faced the problem of planning a commercial project, you have come to the right place as at Wrike you will find one of the most important parts of any project planning – powerful, yet user-friendly software for planning and managing a commercial project. Many managers and team members are confronted with a problem of planning and managing a commercial project as they fail to get their act together, can’t accomplish the project according to the schedule and so on. Project management is integral part of the corporate culture and if your project is a vital part of the company’s overall performance, then you should take managing the commercial project very seriously. What is first and foremost for managing and planning a commercial project? The answer – is excellent collaboration and perfect access of a manager to the right information at right time through a system of interconnected applications and services. These two bases of project managing and planning are impossible without project managing and planning software. But here the problem may occur – if project management and planning software is of low performance, difficult to understand and requires special skills to run it, your project may fail from the very beginning. With Wrike you don’t have to waste your precious time for learning how to use our software for planning and managing a commercial project. Only with wizard-style and easy-to-use interface of Wrike project managing and planning software you will start managing your commercial project immediately. Browse to our website and you will find gobs of new opportunities for easy and hassle-free planning and managing a commercial project. Find out more about Google project management software, project management for google apps there.

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